Will a Water Well Cause Water Damage?

You may choose to live in a country home to raise horses or kids in the great outdoors. But a reality of rural life is a lack of city services. With proper maintenance and testing, a private water well can be an excellent, affordable source of pure, clean drinking water for many years. In fact, over 21 million homes in the U.S. rely on a private water well as their source for drinking water. A properly installed and maintained well can provide naturally filtered water; deep drilled wells recharge themselves to provide a constant supply of fresh water that is not easily impacted by dry weather conditions.

We at Contact Restoration know that owning land with a private well requires vigilance for the health of your family and safety of your Gold Canyon, AZ home. Private water wells also allow consumers to take more control of their water quality. Understanding your water system is key to avoiding water damage problems that can come from non-treated water.

Well Water is Usually Hard

Most private wells produce hard water. That’s because they are accessing groundwater, which has moved through rock and soil dissolving minerals like calcium and magnesium along the way. Nearly every home with a private well deals with “hardness” from dissolved minerals. Hard could leave stains and buildup on your clothes and dishes. It also causes appliances like your water heater to wear out quickly.  

Your increased potential for water damage is due to the minerals clogging the water lines and wearing out the metal parts. Look for any changes, especially rust, as a red flag for that appliance. For example, hot water heaters normally last 8-10 years, but expect less on a well system.

Unless you live in a region where there is naturally less of these minerals, a home with a private well will likely require a water softener. If you’re building a home in the country without access to municipal water, a softening system should be installed. If you purchase an existing home, it may already have a water softener but may need to be updated to properly treat your well water.

Partner with Contact Restoration for regular maintenance of your water softener and all the appliances that could lead to water damage in your home.

If Your Faucets are Sputtering

If you turn on a sink, but there’s a blast of air before short bursts of water spit, you might have air in your plumbing system and your well pump may need servicing. The fix may be as simple as replacing a failing valve, or it could be a sign the drop pipe connected to the pump is damaged. There’s also the possibility your well pump may need to be lowered because the water table has dropped and the pump is drawing in air.

Stay Safe

According to your maintenance records, how often was water quality testing performed on your well? The EPA recommends annual testing for contaminants including fecal coliform levels, nitrates/nitrates, and chlorides. You should have as much background information on your well as possible including prior test results, the original drilling report and any other information on your system

Maintain All Elements

In our modern culture, it is easy to forget about the water system. For example, according to the National Groundwater Association Website, 80 percent of those responding had never had a well maintenance inspection. A small, easily correctable problem can become a large, inconvenient, much more expensive problem.

If a flood, leaking pipe, or other water incident is not handled within a reasonable time frame, the damage caused by it can be rather extensive. It can severely damage flooring, drywall, cabinets, valuable possessions, carpets, and the structure of your home past the point of repair. The water needs to be cleaned up and all of the affected areas completely dried out by trained water damage professionals with the right equipment needed to locate hidden moisture. Contact Restoration can handle any problem within your home; IICRC water damage specialists are equipped with the tools and training to maintain your home.

Water Damage Restoration in Gold Canyon AZ

When Contact Restoration arrives at your residence, they are officially “on alert” for all water damage issues – whether it’s caused by city water or well water. Their water damage technicians look deeper than the surface level and measure the moisture at the stud, insulation, and sill plate level. After creating a moisture map of the affected areas, they will monitor the moisture content, relative temperatures and humidity on a daily basis until your property is completely dried out. This thoroughness and dedication to making sure your home is completely dried is one of the unique advantages of working with Contact Restoration.

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