Fire Damage “Hot Spots”

April 18, 2019 | Fire Damage,Florence

Going through the aftermath of a fire in your Florence home can be a daunting and emotional process. It’s crucial that you ensure the building is safe, find and document all damage, clean and repair what you can and know when to call in professional assistance.

Certain parts of a room may experience more damage than others; some materials are more vulnerable to chemical damage. We at Contact Restoration recommend you look at these areas as you assess the damage:


As you begin your interior inspection, don’t forget to look up; the ceiling may be unstable or show signs of sagging from water collection. Because hot air rises, the highest concentration of smoke residue is commonly found directly above where a fire started – usually on the ceiling above the point of origin. Nail heads in the ceiling (and walls) can also attract smoke particles, which appear as an outline of a ring around them.

Smoke produced by burning plastic carries a stronger electrical charge than smoke from wood, paper or cotton. This causes smoke residue to form in clusters that look like cobwebs in the corners of rooms where walls and ceilings meet.

Tile Floors and Counters

Unfortunately, while natural store is very durable and hard, it is not impermeable. Marble, granite or travertine surfaces of porous stone usually become permanently discolored from the acidic residue found in soot.  And the very porous grout used in between the tiles will absorb a lot of dirty soot. Let the fire restoration team determine if the stains can be cleaned or if you need to regrout.

Walls and Windows

Windows and exterior walls are usually cooler than the center of a room and because smoke naturally travels to areas with a lower temperature, it’s common to find a lot of smoke residue on outside walls and even in spaces behind drapes and blinds, even more so than surrounding surfaces.

Ventilation Systems

That smoke odor can travel quite easily, including through air ducts and into HVACs. Unfortunately, this means it can get trapped in air ducts and cause a recurring odor even months after the fire. You might need thermal fogging, a process that opens the pores in walls and neutralizes the smoke odor. It’s especially helpful in homes with attics.

Exterior Clean-Up

Sometimes when a Class A Foam product is used to extinguish a fire, the foam will “bake” onto windows and other exterior surfaces. If your area was affected by a wildfire that was put out using chemical retardants (often identifiable by a reddish color), check your exterior walls and surfaces for any residual substances and wash it off as quickly as possible. Though you may be tempted to power wash the chemicals away, this can actually drive the stain further into surfaces, especially wood.  Let the fire professionals like Contact Restoration assess the situation and make a recommendation before you attempt to clean.

Fire Damage Restoration in Florence

While there are plenty of ways to clean up your home and property yourself, keep in mind that a professional will be invaluable after a fire. These experts will know the best ways to get your home back to its pre-fire condition. Keep detailed records and receipts for both you and the insurance company; some of the repairs may be tax-deductible. The fire recovery process comes with plenty of challenges and frustrations, so be sure you have a strong support system to help you through it.

Contact Restoration fire damage technicians will:

  • Clean soot from electronics, machinery, and other valuable property
  • Detect and removes toxic chemicals.
  • Detect and neutralizes noxious gases.
  • Restore valuable property back to its original condition, or sometimes even better!
  • Put safety first: fire may cause damage to the structure, including short circuits in the electrical system while producing chemical hazards. Learn the safety rules to protect yourself and avoid injury or infection.
  • Secure your property and personal belongings from further damage.
  • Give us a call or fill out the contact form on this website and Contact Restoration will provide an accurate damage assessment and a free quote.

Please contact us for more information on recovering from fire damage.